About Us

A designer lifestyle and accessories fashion line – Clocharde, is more than just a company. We believe that to be the best, you’ve to be unique – have an individual perception, and that is the maxim, Clocharde functions with.

To call the current fashion scenario competitive will be an understatement; it is in fact an ever-evolving journey brimming with new challenges every day. To meet such high demands, we’re always one notch ahead with our inventiveness.

An alumnus of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi, Sonam Ahuja leads this innovative venture. She incorporated her quality experience and prowess in design in to making a brand that will make bags and accessories within easy reach for everyone. So if you thought little things can’t buy you happiness, Clocharde is here to change your mind.

Gaining knowledge from her days at Network18, designers’ and fashion weeks’ as a fashion stylist, Ahuja thanks her extensive fashion knowledge for pervading immense attention to intricate details and quality in her assortment of accessories and bags – Clocharde.

Straying from the conventional definition, Clocharde is your niche to seek for ingenious and yet perpetual fashion. Such is our line, which is discernible in every piece of our creations.

Hand bags, slings, travel bags, gadget sleeves, envelope clutches and tote bags – our assemblage is one of variety. Our team of talented craftsmen uses their finesse to fabricate designs on a deftly selected set of materials such as leather, artificial leather and velvet. We owe colour and craftsmanship behind the authentic designs of our entire collection.

Clocharde thanks its founder’s unmatched dedication towards fashion and being idiosyncratic with customization of products for the label’s success. It boasts of expert relationship managers who provide customized services to transform your ideas into fantastic bespoke creations.